Saturday, September 10, 2005

5 Streets Adelaide

Julia, from Sydney, came up with the fantastic idea of the '5 Streets' blogs. They are listed on the side bar. (I don't know how to link in the blogs!)

I live in Adelaide, a city of a million people in Southern Australia. I live in a very cosmopolitan part of the city (Unley), one of my 5 streets happens to be a fab shopping and cafe street (very lucky I say!) I live in an upstairs oh so modern apartment with a balcony. I live with my partner (who works away 3 weeks at a time) and my plants. I j'adore where I live! Absolutely love it, I find the area where I live really reminds me of parts of England, with the old terrace buildings and stone houses. I love living in a city. Although it might have the buzz of some bigger cities, the pace and ambience is wonderful.

I will start exploring my 5 streets when I find some time and post some pics.